Our first President is often remembered as a humble, grey wigged, elder statesman.  But by the end of 1776 the American Revolution almost came to an end. General Washington made a bold move that saved the American cause. The Continental Army Crossed the Delaware River on Christmas Day to attack the Hessians in Trenton. This was America's First D-day.

Facts about the crossing most people don’t know that the film will highlight:

  • The Marbleheaders saved the Revolution twice, once in New York and once again crossing the Delaware river
  • A beautiful widow seduced a British Colonel for three days preventing reinforcements from arriving in Trenton
  • A leader of a loyalist gang swam across the Delaware river on Christmas Eve to warn the Hessians that Washington is planning to attack Trenton
  • Three different crossings were attempted on Christmas Day and only Washington’s group made it, the other two crossings had to turn back due to severe weather
  • Washington used a network of spies to insure a successful surprise attack
  • If the attack on Trenton was not successful the American Revolution would have come to an END.